Proton Magnetometer - RHDC Services Ltd
Proton Precession Magnetometer
PPMG3A system

The RHDC Services Ltd Proton Magnetometer is an instrument that uses Larmor Precession of Hydrogen nuclei to measure absolute magnetic field strength to great precision. The instrument is compact, highly portable and can measure fields with a standard deviation of less than 0.5nT/sqrt(Hz) at 1 reading per second.

The equipment can be used for a variety of purposes including archaeological survey, Earth-field monitoring, magnetometer calibration or as a research tool in the field of Free Induction Decay signal processing.

The unit has a variety of output formats including the proton precession signal in analogue or digital form, making it easy to interface with other systems. Product Datasheet

  • Precise Measurement of magnetic field strength. Standard Deviation of 0.5nT/sqrt(Hz) at 1Hz.
  • Absolute accuracy of 3nT (higher precision on request), suitable for most requirements.
  • Wide measurement range of 25µT to 100µT, allowing global deployment at any latitude.
  • Low power consumption of 15W allowing portable operation from batteries or solar panels.
  • Single-rail 9.0 to 20V supply. Can be powered from a variety of sources including 3-cell Li-Ion.
  • RS232 control interface for remote instrument operation using standard wireless telemetry links.
  • Raw precession signal output for interface with auxiliary signal processing platforms.
  • Integrated backlit LCD display for direct reading of magnetic field strength in nT.
  • Low cost: Ideal for laboratories needing equipment for low-budget research projects.
  • Modular design for easy customisation: Bespoke functionality available on request.
Note. Specifications are subject to change without notice.